Design/Build Process


Beginning your process with AD&C, is the best way to get your project built exactly the way you want it. The plan is to listen to you and your needs, and develop a program that suits you. A budget will be developed with you, and the assembled team of designers and Us, the contractor, will stick to that budget as we put together your plans and specifications.

If you have already begun the process with an architect, then we can come in and work with them as part of your team. Our goal is to "finish" your drawings focusing on all the details. Including, tile selection, trim packages, paint colors, flooring stain color, etc. The idea is to have the project designed and thought out before the construction begins, eliminating change orders, and maintaining the set schedule.


This is our introduction to you. We will ask you a series of questions and help determine if we are the right company for you. Once we have gathered the information, we will make an appointment with you. We ask that everyone involved in making decisions on the project be present. This helps streamline the project and  ensures that everyone involved has input.


At this meeting we will discuss YOUR goals for the project. It is our job to determine the feasibility of the scope of work. We will discuss what you are trying to do in greater detail. Determine when you are looking to do the work and complete it by.


We will discuss a preliminary budget with you, based on past experience and current market value based on industry standards. It is our goal to set realistic expectations, in order to deliver a project we can all be proud of.


A second meeting will be planned, and at that time a budget proposal will be presented to you. We will discuss how best to accomplish your project and get the ball rolling.


The design process, or as we like to call it The Fun begins! We enter a design agreement with you, providing the architectural and interior design services to prepare the job for construction. This agreement includes showroom visits, meetings with the architect, and budget tracking to name a few. As part of the process, our trade subcontractors will be involved early on to help inform the process. Their input is invaluable in helping to eliminate surprises and change orders. At the end of this process, you will have a complete set of plans and specifications to build from.


The project is now ready to begin. A pre-construction meeting with all trades, and your assigned superintendent will take place. At that time we will determine how we are going to maintain your daily routines as normal as possible. Work out the logistics of the construction, including access to the house.

If you are ready to put together your dream project with a premier design/build company, give us a call today! We are happy to help make your vision a reality!

“Victor is respectful, communicative, and his price was extremely reasonable.”

Nancy H.
Eastchester, NY

“It is so nice to deal with someone who is so pleasant.”

Donna B.
La Grange, NY

“Victor made my dream kitchen a reality…truly one of the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen…”

Jackie D.
Eastchester, NY

“Victor and his crew did an outstanding job on our home and it came out beautiful.”

Theresa D.
Eastchester, NY

“He is organized, detail oriented and professional as well as very knowledgeable about all facets of residential construction.”

Nicholas F.
Yonkers, NY

“Victor takes great pride in his work and his professionalism was apparent throughout the entire process.”

Carrie and Chris W.
Eastchester, NY

“Victor was a true perfectionist, explaining every aspect as we moved through the rebuild, and consulting us on any design preferences. He and his team were very professional and reasonably priced, always a fabulous combo!”

Armour Villa Neighborhood Association
Yonkers, NY

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